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Built in LA, Loved Everywhere.  Ditch those cheap cables and get some High Quality, Durable, and Colorful SORRY Cables...This is the way...
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this cable has this special quality where it changes everything it’s connected to for the better in more ways than you could imagine

Color cables!!!

This is my second order from Sorry. Top notch quality and customer service! Will order more as my studio set up grows. Thank you!

Love the cables!

Love all your stuff! Thanks so much

Love it !

The color is awesome, I use the purple for my Ukulele and it matches my butterfly on it. I’ll definitely recommend to friends and family.

Really good stuff

Cable works as advertised and looks really cool. Moreover, Steve & Nigel sent a handwritten postcard making sure that my family and I were ok after the Texas snow storm that knocked out our water, heat and power for a week. I really appreciated that, being a new father of infant twins. Great job guys. Will be returning!

Love them !

These cables are exactly what I was looking for. The colors make my instruments look pretty so I was able to color coordinate. I like the feel of them, they don’t tangle which I love and the sound quality is top notch. Thank you for making such a great product for us I’ll be back for more !

The Best.

I contacted Sorry Cables to see if they could make these and they obliged. The look, the connection, and the sound of these cables is top notch. Moreover, I can now speak to the durability. Over 100 connections/disconnections and they look and feel like they did on day one. Fantastic for CDJs and turntables. If you are looking for a premium cable that makes your setup pop, look no further.

Buying quality local cables

Loved these cables and was so happy with my purchase, The guys at SORRY were also super responsive about other cable options via Instagram. Can't wait to buy additional cables in the future as I hope to be a life long customer.

Best cable in my studio

These cables actually sound better than any other cable I have. If you had asked me a year ago I would have said I don’t care what cables I use, whatever gets the job done. But these are a game changer.

SORRY TRS 1/4" Patch Cable
Excellent cables!

Super well built 1ft patch cables for my R6 rack. The different colors make patching super easy and visual. Great product great service!

Favorite cables!

Love sorry cables! High quality, smooth connectors, awesome colors, and cook swag in the bag

Excellent Cables, Excellent Service

I loved the guitar cable, very impressed by the quality and feel. I will be purchasing more cables from SORRY!

SORRY Straight to Straight 1/4" Instrument Cable - Specialty COLORS!

Color and quality!

Great quality, customer service and awesome colors! Will be ordering more soon!

Nice little cable solution

Just the thing I needed!! Not some low quality thing here, this is built to last!! I’m happy with it!!

The best

The transition and shipping were great, their color selection is the best in the game. Love everything about sorry cables and will continue to buy their products to fill up my studio with wonderful colors and sound

Lovely cable (in a lovely color!)

Simply the best! I love the purple. No doubt about who it belongs to!
The people who own this business are also the best! Very friendly and easy to talk to!!

If your connection is bad how can you sound good? Spike.

Great product, excellent seller, quick shipping! Thanks!

Best cables!! Very fast shipping 👍🏽🔥

These arrived on time and are perfect! The quality of the cable is outstanding! I highly recommend them!

SORRY TRS 1/4" Patch Cable

Solid cables!

1) Fast turnaround
2) Excellent build quality
3) Greatly helped reduce the noise floor in my studio
4) The most amazing customer service I have ever dealt with
5) Definitely will be purchasing more from them

Great cables. Really Nice! A+