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Built in LA, Loved Everywhere.  Ditch those cheap cables and get some High Quality, Durable, and Colorful SORRY Cables...This is the way...
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Worth it!

Up until using these cables I can honestly say I never noticed the difference using a high quality cable made but I'm sold. Not to mention the cable looks good and the custom engraving is sick!

Gucci Cables

These cables are all super high quality

Bespoke cables for the discriminating audiophile

Great colors, super fast shiping, awesome swag, custom lettering, great folks, what else is there?! I'll be back for more for sure.

Love the Engraving!

Love my SORRY cables. I always know which ones are mine by either the color or the custom engraving... Peter Dankelson (a.k.a. "Pete's Diary")

Dig it’

Great colors selection and they feel indestructible.. which is good, because I beat the shit outta my gear.


These cables are incredible! But even more so, your service was remarkable! Thank you so much! I’ll be ordering more at some point!

The best.

Best cables ever. They look the best, made from the best components, and assembled by the best.

The best.

Best cables ever! Best looking, best components, and assembled by the best.

Enjoyable Cables

These cables feel, look, and sound good.

The raddest adapters around

Quality - √
Attention to detail - √
Rad - √
Highly recommended - √


These cables hands down are the finest quality cables I’ve personally tried or used! Definitely worth the investment and even at that the cables are prices average musicians can afford without breaking the bank and still holding quality! They are crisp clean and plain bad ass looking! Guys I really appreciate from moment one till now! You guys are A++ in my book!

Only the Best!!

Awesome cables, well made in the USA with nothing but quality parts. Plus fast shipping. Support these guys!


Y’all’s cables are knocking out every single one of my problems - be it bad interference or low signal flow with each order - amazing monitor cables and super comfy/solid connectors for guitar cables - y’all really make cabling exciting

My Neon Red cables looks and feel Amazing

I ordered XLR, 1/4" TRS, AUX, and XLR to 1/4" cables, and they look amazing. High quality cables for sure.

My New “Go To”

There’s literally freaking zero things to dislike. This company is just my style. The cable I purchased is mega good quality, came packaged awesome, and featured free stickers and a thank you card. Were I on stage frequently, I would gladly flaunt my use of Sorry.

Why so sorry?

Great canare wire and neutrik connections. So, sorry about what?

Best cables hands down

I can't go back to store bought after checking these guys out. The quality is top notch

Awesome cables!!

I was in search of some instrument cables and found Sorry cables. I’m very pleased with my purchase. Awesome packing with some cool stickers and picks as an extra treat! The cables are good quality but the customer service is top notch! My order shipped right away. Definitely buying more in the near future.

Excellent Quality Custom Cables

I love the custom option for those odd lengths needed on one’s pedal board. The cables are excellent in quality, the staff are friendly and attentive to one’s order & cable needs. This company fills a niche lacking in guitar cable options on the market. Highly recommended!

SORRY Straight to Right Angle Guitar / Instrument Cable - Black

AES terminators

The cable performs perfectly and while I did not choose the laser etching, that is a great feature.

Great cable!

Found you on Google. Needed a cable the same day. You came through with a great quality product in a super timely manner and for a great price. Plus love supporting a local LA company. 5 stars.


This is simply the best made headphone ext cord that I've ever used (and I'm no kid)... Perfect fidelity, heavy duty (resists the inevitable being stepped on and rolled over really well), and looks great. Customer service from and delivery time is simply outstanding. Great cable--great company.

Great cables, Great delivery to Canada, Great People to Deal With

I am always worried about whether people will believe my reviews if they are too positive, but here goes. Wow! The cables that I ordered are all incredible--the highest quality, professionally presented and delivered, and they sound fantastic. I normally use Mogami, but decided to do some head-to-head testing with Canare. Never mind the interwebs misleading us--no noticeable audible difference for recording or live. The Sorry cables sound great. Delivery to Canada was fast and painless. Yes, FAST. Worth every penny and communication with these folks was a joy. I am going to be ordering all of my cables from them. Thank you Sorry!

Great cables!

Quality cables with an amazing personal touch! Excellent customer service!