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Built in LA, Loved Everywhere.  Ditch those cheap cables and get some High Quality, Durable, and Colorful SORRY Cables...This is the way...
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All rippers, no skippers

Beautifully made, high quality, fast shipping!

Beautifully made, high quality, & fast shipping! Literally sounded better than the cheap cables I'd been using just for rehearsals, and customized labeling is a cool addition.

Perfect - exactly what I needed

Best cables I’ve ever used. Well built with very clear signal. Happy to buy local and I’ll be back for more!

SORRY! Cables

These are the best kinds of cables! Sturdy, strong and super clean sound. And I love the custom LOGO so much! Thank you SORRY!

Beautiful Cables

I needed a few sets of high quality cables for my studio, 4 xlrs for my ampex 440b and 2 for my burl b2 adc. Ive been looking at sorry for a while, and finally had an excuse to try them out! The cables are beautiful, they sound fantastic and the delivery was quick. I will 100 percent be buying more cables from them in the future.

Great Cables

As an audio professional for over 35 years, it was great to find a cable company like Sorry. Getting custom cables made quickly and delivered quickly is what I need to keep my studio running. I highly recommend Sorry.
Brad Haehnel owner at Noise Alchemy

All the cables

Since I found out about SORRY, I get all my cables here now. The G.O.A.T. SORRY, not SORRY.

Excellent cables

I got a great set of rainbow wrapped 25’ cables with 90° 1/4” jacks a little while back from SORRY. I could not be happier. I used them around the house when I received them and they were great… but, I finally am back in rehearsals now, and used them today—Just as great as I’d expected. The 90° 1/4” connectors are super convenient, the cables are durable and sound crisp’n’clean, and the fact that they say CROBOT on them AND they’re rainbow colored cables makes them esthetically pleasing as well. 10 out of 10.



Love using my Sorry cable as a talk back. I know exactly which cable is mine and it glows under UV to boot!

High quality cables

my mic cables feel great and the colors are awesome!

So nice

Personal engraving is the cherry on top! Going to be so useful once I have a bunch of SORRY cables in my rig!

Sweet cables, cool company

I am pleased to have added some SORRY Cable to the endless pit of electric snakes and I sincerely appreciate you accommodating my “saucy” custom engraving!

best cable i’ve owned by far

SORRY 1/4" Straight to 1/4" Straight Guitar / Instrument Cable - Standard Colors

Rad cables

Love the color and quality of these cables!

It's crazy how the Superhero color looks pink/purple but is actually blue/orange!!

Great Cable!

Well constructed, high quality materials. Used while recording Bass for the new Chris Duarte record.

The only cables I will buy or recommend.

I’m really glad I found this company. They make cables fun and personable. After receiving them, the quality feels great. I’m using them in a static setup as well as taking one out for gigs, and both are holding up perfectly. I actually ordered a custom cable for my camera, and they had suggestions on how to make it better for my needs, which I wouldn’t have even thought of. They cost more than an amazon cable, but no more than a mogami. I doubt many of us would tell the difference in quality, and I’ll gladly pay the extra price for solid service and a custom cable. I’m not sure how different the components are, but if they started selling HDMI cables to connect camera monitors…the stock would skyrocket. (Hint hint)


So stoked to have this incredibly high quality instrument cable! Amazing service and cables. Thank you!

Love it

Use it everyday and when I do my heart does a little happy dance. Thank you.


Picked up a big pile of xlr cables! Had Steve put my company logo on, came out killer! These cables will be used in my little tracking studio, they’ll last forever!


Quality products made right and superb sound quality. I'm glad I discovered this company and will be exclusively using sorry products from now on.

Epic Custom Cables

These babies are so much more than I could have ever imagined. They’re durable, completely custom (aqua and lavender both with white barrels), and the most beautiful cables I’ve ever seen. Adding my logo was the icing on top of an already exceptional cake. Customer service is unparalleled. The Sorry team will not rest until you’re completely overjoyed with your order. Thanks for doing such a great job. So excited to be a part of the Sorry Family <3

Best cables in the world

Got 4 of the green 25 foot guitar cables for my new touring rig and let me tell you… my rig has never sounded cleaner and my stage set up looks amazing

Thanks again SORRY!

Kieran Robertson
Geoff tate band


Fantastic customer service, even better product. Quick turnaround on custom orders. Quality of cables is leaps and bounds past the rest.

Great Product!

Glad to have gotten these cables! High quality and will be getting more!