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SORRY Cables

SORRY Microphone Cable - Aqua Blue

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Underneath the tough fun color sleeving of the SORRY Specialty colors is the exact same cable as the SORRY Standard cables. Zero difference. These cables feel thicker from the extra sleeving and are slightly more rigid. Some prefer these and others prefer the standard colors. No right answer but they do feel different. These are a PET sleeving not cloth. Way tougher. The Neon Colors glow in black light which we think looks insanely cool. Also rainbows? I mean come on. Fun colors that pop

The most rad and highest quality microphone cable around! But like seriously though, it really is

It exists for the stage and studio

Made with Star Quad cable, premium Neutrik Gold connectors & comes with a RIP-TIE Rip-Lock which will probably be your new favorite cable tie

Proudly hand assembled in the USA with the best stuff available so we can sleep at night


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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Abraham Mota
Good luck finding a better cable brand!

Sorry Cables are incredible! I ordered the 15ft XLR cable and 15ft instrument cable and they’re so good! The quality is so good, you’ll know they’ll last you a long time! I got both cables in aqua blue and they’re gorgeous! I don’t think I’ll ever switch to another cable brand ever again!

Mo Mo O'Brien
Functional AND aesthetic

At first I just dreamed of owning a sorry cable because I loved the fun colours, but now that i have them in my hand, they are the most durable feeling chord I've ever owned. I'm not worried about wear and tear, and they feel like they'll last me a long time. I've bought a lot of things for looks alone, and qualities paid the price, but sorry cables really has the best of both worlds.

Monee Amin
Great cables

Build quality is excellent. Connectors aren't sticky. Glad I found these!